Monday, September 3, 2007

Peven Everett

As people know Peven Everett is one of my favorite artists out there today and he gave one of the coolest performance for DJ Disciples birthday. He performed "Stuck",
"Put Your Back In It","Gabriel","Everyday Girl Accapella" and "Cant Believe I Loved Her". After the performance he brought out CD's and he was the coolest down to earth person I met. I hope he comes back to NY and perform with his band. Dont sleep!!

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It was a nice evening with Yvette,Alicia,Black,DJ RAS,DJ Cameron, and Birthday DJ Disciple,Lisa,Kamia, and Peven Everett...


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alicia g said...

Dude, great pics! I'm sorry I was tapping your arm, I didn't know you were recording!