Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Boogieman Ghost "Years"

Check out this new song by Boogieman Ghost called "Years"
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"I wrote The Years based on a true life situation where I ran into a friend on the street and within our exchange of words the person seemed to be distant. Later on I just got to thinking about how things use to be and just wanted that vibe back.I know that I'm one of the ones that kind of disappear all the time (no pun intended),but it's not that often that you run into people that you consider fam. Now when I say ( yall not doing her right ) in the song I'm speaking of Hip- Hop. A lot of times we all talk about whats wrong with Hip- Hop and how we are trying to do something different,but wheres the love for the art form that has gave us so many great times and memories to look back on. It's like instead of trying to help fix the problem I hear people running away trying to shy away from an art form thats still number 1 in my book. I guess I wrote this song in hopes of seeing people come together .And like I said in the song put their differences aside and rhyme for old times sake. Any ?'s."

Boogieman Ghost

Check out Boogieman Ghost

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