Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Boogieman Ghost "Years"

Check out this new song by Boogieman Ghost called "Years"
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"I wrote The Years based on a true life situation where I ran into a friend on the street and within our exchange of words the person seemed to be distant. Later on I just got to thinking about how things use to be and just wanted that vibe back.I know that I'm one of the ones that kind of disappear all the time (no pun intended),but it's not that often that you run into people that you consider fam. Now when I say ( yall not doing her right ) in the song I'm speaking of Hip- Hop. A lot of times we all talk about whats wrong with Hip- Hop and how we are trying to do something different,but wheres the love for the art form that has gave us so many great times and memories to look back on. It's like instead of trying to help fix the problem I hear people running away trying to shy away from an art form thats still number 1 in my book. I guess I wrote this song in hopes of seeing people come together .And like I said in the song put their differences aside and rhyme for old times sake. Any ?'s."

Boogieman Ghost

Check out Boogieman Ghost

for more info contact Joe Villa 917.403.4435

more music to come by

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Breathe 2007

I want to give thanks to Pumpkinhead and Mazzi, The Cool Kidz, SouthPaw, Pharoahe Monch, and everyone that performed and came out to this event. In memory of my brother and to continue advocating Asthma Awareness through music and expression yes the event is called Breathe spread the message.


Sorry for the DELAY!!! UPDATE FOR 07

Ok yes a lot has happened, my new job, my new found love for photography, industry parties, reconnecting with friends, and everything still remains fresh, I will post pics of random events and peoples for your pleasure...enjoy

joey too fresh

Monday, October 15, 2007

Pics of friends of mine

Ralph McDaniels
DJ Whiz
Jessica,Grace,and Timoney from Sony BMG
DJ Spinna
DJ Eddie S
DJ Ras
DJ Samir
Zelda Kaplan
Brina Payne
Ced G
Dana Dane
DJ Vettie Vette
Barry The Maestro Mason

A night out with a New York City Icon and My Mom

This night was an experience of a life time hanging with two of my inspirations one of course is my mom (Grace Edwards) yes the fashion designer and her friend Zelda Kaplan whom is a New York City Icon in the club scene. Zelda is 91 years old full of energy and just a very nice lady that gets into all the high end clubs. We started at Socilista a cuban influenced lounge and restaurant. Very nice atmosphere and the food is alright with a lounge upstairs that they let a select few in with a big and small (midget) doorman choosing who goes in. They let us upstairs. Now the dj booth was mad small and he was just playing some randomness no blending of course but hey it pleased the small crowd that was at the bar. Mind you this is on a weekday, very good time to go out and meet REAL New Yorkers!!

After Socialista we hopped to Lotus where there was a line and we got right in thanks to Zelda where the door people once again knew and greeted her and me and my moms as well. Lotus was having a crazy event for L magazine an award show for best of in New York alot of different people of the nightlife all in one place from very Gay to all the night people lol I was just imagining that one day L magazine will award Nicole Nelche, Erin, and Peggy Louis, for the dope parties. Maybe next one lol
Got to meet a few of my moms (interesting) friends who are in the fashion industry. Richie Rich and Andre.

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Oh yeah shout out to Justine D who won an award for L magazine, she was not there to accept the award.
So after a few drinks we took a cab to Rose Bar another High end spot thats hard to get into unless your known or an icon lol Nice spot with a fire place once again so dude in a small booth playing randomness to the younger rich crowd, you can just tell.The young rich crowd reminds me of international school with everyone from all parts of the world chillin out in little groups. It was comfy and once again cheers!!

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Last but not least Bungalo 8 dont ask me why this club is high end, I guess its the people that go there. Sorry no pics were allowed in the club, I dunno how I felt about this place and why I was not so amazed. I guess the bouncer that yelled at my mom ruined it for me, I was giving him the death look but yeah what goes around comes around some dude will yell at his mom and then what!!! But my mom and Zelda were tipsy mind you I had white wine and champagne all night..

I did have a good time when talking to Zelda about the differences on night life now and then she said back then it was all about live music and love now its that BOOM BOOM too much bass and agressiveness...Interesting...
I want to thank my mom for giving me this experience.

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Monday, October 8, 2007

MC Lyte Happy Birthday!! and UTFO Live!!! Hip-Hop Weekend exclusive

Happy Birthday MC Lyte!! Adidas store was packed, music provided by DJ Soul and a lot of familiar faces Dres from Black Sheep, Kwame, Jennifer Hudson (Dream Girls),Special Ed, The Bomb Squad, Linque, DJ Whiz, and the flashback kids lol It was good to meet Lyte and her parents, the bodygaurd and Gizmo from Audio Two. Peace to the people from Think Tank,Prince from Kwebo,Audrey and Shelpa,and my Vettie Vette, with after party special guest Slimkat78 from DC!!My camera didnt make it this evening but get ready for....

Hip-Hop Honors weekend at M15 hosted by Video Mix Party with DJ Whiz, Ralph McDaniels,
The Awesome Two, Dana Dane and Big Ced. This was a classic evening with the legendary UTFO who just got together to perform was amazing.Doctor Ice, The Kangol Kid, and the Educated Rapper did all the classics followed by Ralph McDaniels playing classic videos and before UTFO's set Awesome Two's Teddy Ted and Special K playing soulful classics.
Got to meet Ced G from Ultramagnetic MC's and DJ Tat Money.

Hip-Hop honor weekend was great thanks to VH1

next CMJ....