Monday, October 8, 2007

MC Lyte Happy Birthday!! and UTFO Live!!! Hip-Hop Weekend exclusive

Happy Birthday MC Lyte!! Adidas store was packed, music provided by DJ Soul and a lot of familiar faces Dres from Black Sheep, Kwame, Jennifer Hudson (Dream Girls),Special Ed, The Bomb Squad, Linque, DJ Whiz, and the flashback kids lol It was good to meet Lyte and her parents, the bodygaurd and Gizmo from Audio Two. Peace to the people from Think Tank,Prince from Kwebo,Audrey and Shelpa,and my Vettie Vette, with after party special guest Slimkat78 from DC!!My camera didnt make it this evening but get ready for....

Hip-Hop Honors weekend at M15 hosted by Video Mix Party with DJ Whiz, Ralph McDaniels,
The Awesome Two, Dana Dane and Big Ced. This was a classic evening with the legendary UTFO who just got together to perform was amazing.Doctor Ice, The Kangol Kid, and the Educated Rapper did all the classics followed by Ralph McDaniels playing classic videos and before UTFO's set Awesome Two's Teddy Ted and Special K playing soulful classics.
Got to meet Ced G from Ultramagnetic MC's and DJ Tat Money.

Hip-Hop honor weekend was great thanks to VH1

next CMJ....


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