Friday, July 20, 2007

Common - Finding Forever review

Finding Forever is a beautiful album, I say this because the content, the beats, this has to be far most my favorite album this year. I know Dilla is rockin this album is in the heavens...well here is the break down, this is a definite...

1.Intro - This Intro should be called euphoria cause of the feel a very nice intro
going in to The People...

2. The People - This is the right song to start the album, and should of been the
first single. The People displays a colorful metaphor for can hear this
every morning and just feel good about life..hip-hop (echos)

3.Black Maybe feat. Bilal - Pay attention to this song the syreeta sample and the
message will hit you in the head the production is crazy on this..

4. I Want You - This joint is for definite radio play a for those that dont know
Common that well, This reminds me of The Light not only because its a love song
but the feel of it and simplicity..

5. Southside feat Kanye West - This beat is hard, Chicago like anthem, both Kanye and
Common rip it back and forth. But man this beat is sick!!!

6.Drivin me Wild feat Lily Allen - The production on this once again is crazy and
Lily Allens vocals on the chorus fits perfect.

7. SO Far SO Good feat D'angelo - This song was on Dilla's The Shining and was
tweaked alot..This song is beautiful both versions..Common kicked different verses
and you cant go wrong with D'angelo on the vocals.. I miss Jay Dilla and this song
is just great for this album with a surprise ending...

8.Break My Heart - This song is one of those that everyone relates to...clever..

9.The Game feat DJ Premier - This song is hard Primo on the cuts. Hip-Hop is ready!!

10. Start The Show - Ok hands down this is my favorite joint. The Production on this
is grammy award winning!!! Commons lyricism is classic.

11. Misunderstood - Common's story telling and message is deep, the beat is dope..

12. Forever Begins - a very nice tribute for Jay Dilla and of course on every Common
album Pops returns and the message of forever ends this album with perfection

13. Play Your Cards Right feat. Bilal - Off of the Smoking Aces soundtrack this track
is very dope and very catchy..Good music!!


Overall buy this album yall Finding Forever in stores soon


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