Friday, July 6, 2007

Interview with DJ RAS

DJ Ras is my mentor in this art of DJing, For people that know him he rocks every party, He is also well respected by famous DJ's that are out now. Everyone should experience Hotter Than July and also tune in Cyber Jams Friday night an witness or listen to his blends of soulful classics and house. Would Heinkien already sponser this guy!!! Check out the interview!!

1. How long have you been DJing and How did you get started? What inspired you the most to become a DJ?

Since 1982. Saturday Night Fever & My love for Disco.

2. Whats your inatake on the new technologies DJ's use now for example Serato or Mp3's?

It's nice and convenient. You don't have to carry huge crates, or leaf through albums in the dark. Bring on the new

3. What kind of music do you love spinning?

House and Disco.

4. What is Hotter Than July? How did you get Kiss FM involved?

Hotter Than July Bk is our outdoor concert party series that has been started by Dj Gene and myself. We feature the hot dj's
and performers within the tri-state area. It's a spiritual thang.

I met Barry'the Maestro' Mason and his partner Kay~Kay indirectly through the Kiss Fm Message boards as well as through a
yahoogroups message board. They came down to our first event, and we all hit it off well. It's been history ever since.

BTW-I'm talking to Barry on the phone NOW!

5.Where can people see and hear you in action? on Friday nights from 10pm-12am.
I'm a mobile dj right now.

Check me out at Langston's this Sunday night 7/8 (corner of Franklin Ave and Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn) and
Sputnik (corner of Dekalb ave and Taafee Place) on 7/15

6. Any projects? or mixes your working on?

Just working on HTJBK for now. That's more than enough work!

7. What is the most important technique in DJing do you advise people who want to start DJing?

Beat match and understand your eight count.

8. Whats does DJ RAS stand for?

My initials

9. Whats your intake on the DJ culture now?

We need to get rid of most of that hip hop stuff.

10. How do you know Joey Too Fresh?

The neighborhood bar.

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