Sunday, July 1, 2007

Silent Knight Interview

Silent Knight is one of the coolest and strong voices out there, I met this cat in Brooklyn, when he was rocking with Unstoppable Unity, I mean if you had a chance to witness these cats these brothers were deep and powerful like Dead Prez, Public Enemy, Poor Righteous Teachers. It was refreshing to see and the support of peoples they had at shows was what Hip-Hop use to be about...Silent Knight has an album out called Hungerstrike cop it at your local Fat Beats store and look out for him on Rawkus 50. Check out this in depth interview and for those wanting to do this Hip-Hop this young soldier will inspire you...

1. Describe your style and contribution to the Hip-Hop culture, What
are your influences and inspirations for your lyrical content?

I would say my style is real and honest......intricate but accessible. I
contribute by making quality music and puting on good, engaging live
performances. Also, I feel I can relate with a wide range of
listeners....and being a younger artist(23) I try to put people on to
the origins of the culture. Basically I'm the man! Haha nah

As far as influences and inspirations.......MC wise: Of course KRS,
Rakim, Kane, Nas, Jay-Z, Kool G Rap, Wu Tang, Big Pun, Common, Mos Def,
Natural Elements, Mobb Deep, Mos Def, Snoop, a whole bunch of cats.
Besides that, I'm inspired by good music in general. And life in
general.....from the biggest events, to the most seemingly miniscule

2. How did you come up with the title Hungerstrike?

Well, whenever I come up with a title for a's like
everything going on points to that title. Hunger Strike was no
different. When I first came up with it......before I told 3 people told me to "stay hungry". A graf artist on the
street asked me if I paint.....I said "nah...emcee". He said
"word.....same thing. Hunger". I was also working in a kitchen at the
time. There's a whole bunch of reasons for it.....But basically, rather
than the traditional sense of a hunger strike, its more of an
attack(strike) out of hunger. Its also a protest to the bullshit. If you
listened to the album you wouldn't need to ask this question! Lol

3. Name some producers you like working with and who would you like to
work with in the future?

I love working with KON and Analogic. Those are my people right there.
Also Illmind and M-Phazes are 2 of my favorite producers. I'm also
blessed to have rocked over beats from 9th Wonder, Ayatollah, and Da
Who I want to work with? Ah man.....Ima write u an essay!(if I haven't
already) Nah but here's a few: Kanye West, Just Blaze, Dj Premier, Pete
Rock, Khrysis, Hi-Tek, Salam Remi, and many more. I also wanna rock with
more live musicians.

4. What does your name mean?

I was always a quiet, shy kid. And when I started really getting into
writing rhymes.....I wouldn't share them with anyone, at first. So
basically that's me.....a warrior or knight on the inside.....quiet
armored exterior.

5. Give me a short summary of Unstoppable Unity the sound and message
you were expressing.

Unstoppable Unity was a group co-founded by Drunken Monk, and myself. It
led to include KON, and later....JD?!? And Influence. What Unstoppable
Unity meant to me, was the fact that if people work together and put our
differences aside.....we are much more powerful....and can make a bigger
impact....than any single person on his/her own.
Nobody said it would be easy.

6. What artists are you listening to now?

Hmm.....Ima put my ipod and shuffle and tell u what comes up. Gangstarr,
Sage Francis, Little Brother, Brother Ali, Last Emperor, Masta Ace,
Lauryn Hill, a whole bunch of beats, Amy Winehouse! Besides
that....Cymarshall Law, Hasan Salaam, Emilio Rojas, and the new Marco
Polo Album. A lot more that I can't think of right now.


Red Army is the brainchild of Pumpkinhead(BK mc reppin Brooklyn Academy
and The Plague, etc). It consists of Me, Cymarshall Law, Archrival, J.
Siinastah, DJ GI Joe, and more. For more info...ask PH

8. Any shows coming up?

Yeah.....I'm doing some dates on the Vans Warped Tour. Plus I'm always
doing shows in the tri-state area. For dates check:

9. What are you bringing for the new generation of Hip-Hop?

I'm bringing that real! Read my long ass answer to question 1.....haha.
Holla Burton!

10. How do you know Joe Villa???

Joe Villa is the man! I met him in 01 at a monthly Open Mic in Park
Slope, Brooklyn. It ended up being me and my groups show....and
basically our first real performance venue. I lost touch with some of
the cats....But me and Villa always run into eachother. Peace to the
Filli Foundation!

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