Saturday, July 21, 2007

Interview with DJ Samir

I look up to DJ Samir as an innovator, ask this brother about any record and he will know it off the top. He taught me alot about mixing and DJ techniques and the history of soulful house.DJ Samir rocks parties and rocks for the B-Boys and B- Girls. If you ever get a chance to hear this brother spin, the experience is like seeing Grandmaster Flash for the first time..thats how dope he is...

1. When did you start DJing and what inspired you?

This is the short version. 1981, I was inspired by the Hip-Hop classic – The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash On The Wheels Of Steel. I practiced on my Pop's stereo when he wasn’t home. I learned how to mix on 2 Dual belt drive turntables with the knob pitch control. That wasn’t easy. 1988, I finally bought a pair of Technics 1200 turntables and officially became a DJ.

2. Name 5 records you love spinning?

1. Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force – Looking For The Perfect Beat

2. James Brown – Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose

3. Jimmy Castor Bunch – It’s Just Begun

4. Kraftwerk – Numbers

5. Ray Parker Jr & Raydio – Still In The Groove

3. What is your intake on DJ technology such as Serato and MP3's?

I don’t like serato. It’s boring, uninspiring, sound quality isn’t as good as vinyl, can’t read the grooves, and if your laptop crash the party’s over. Then the crowd boos and the hot chick that was sweatin’ you leaves with the busboy. I understand why some people use serato: more music, no records to carry, and still able to use turntables. But I rather spin records than look up songs on a laptop. Last but not least, MP3 is not for me. Vinyl Forever!!!

4. What styles of music do you spin?

Umm…Let’s see… Deep House, Disco, Funk, Soul, Old School Rap… Oh yeah, I can’t forget Electro Country, Crunk Christian Rap and Gangsta Polka!

5. What’s your definition of a DJ?

A DJ is someone who can rock a party with great music selection, timing, and technique.

6. Who have you DJ'ed with in the past?

I will keep it short. I had the honor of spinning with Eman (Bang the Party), Ras (Hotter Than July), DJ Center and A-Ski (Walk into the Sun), M-Tri (Korova Milk Bar), Mike Music (Atlanta), DJ Julio (The Roxy), and DJ Tyrone (Frank’s Lounge).

7. Name 5 DJ's you are feeling at the moment?

1. A-Ski

2. Center

3. Disciple

4. Ras

5. Spinna

8. What’s your intake of the Hip-Hop culture right now?

Hip-Hop is in serious trouble. The commercial rappers don’t respect or know anything about the culture. No originality, no skills, lack of creativity, the violence, and the list goes on. The culture will continue to suffer until people wake up and learn the true essence of Hip-Hop. It’s about Peace, Unity, Love and Having Fun. Not Guns!

9. What’s the most important technique in the art of DJing?


10. How do you know Joey Too Fresh?

I met him at a record store I used to work at. Joey came in looking for Kenny G albums and I threw him out (Just Kidding). Joey is a cool cat. We just clicked on music and became good friends. Joey Too Fresh is Down By Law!

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