Tuesday, June 26, 2007

End of an Era

Its been fun, I must admit meeting all kinds of beautiful and retarded people..I must say 3 years is long..and this is the very last food spot I will work at so I say goodbye to an era and of course the many peoples I got work with here at this cafe..its time to move on....
To Mary, Howard, Reggie(RIP), Wendy, Bose, Louis (BOOH),Chris, James, Kevin,Bret, Philli, Marcus,Eva,Jacob, Zaquan,Rudy,Carolina,Kitty and the rest that worked there!!!!!

Murat, Gokan, and Ori...the best from Turkey ready to take over Flatbush!!!

and to all the customers I loved and hate, The Tomatoe masks and Bush Count Down clock


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