Friday, June 29, 2007

Probe DMS Interview

This is the very first interview I am posting up and what a great way to start with my homey Probe DMS
for those that dont know him better ask somebody quick producer/dj/emcee my man does it all. This interview will make you go out and search for his music, Hey DJ Spinna played his stuff at Ceilo and introduced me to his music also is a very good friend of my boy Loer Velocity, having a chance to see him spin and host Elevation Radio..Check him out!!!

1. Describe your music and what are your influences are and what
inspires you to do what you do best?

My music revolves around 4 genres. R&B, Hip Hop, Jazz and Broken Beat. It’s an amalgamation of those types with a whole lotta 80’s influences. Mostly artists like Slave, Kashif, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis productions. I’m a real producers kind of producer. Nothing else out there inspires me to do music.

2. How did Spymusic come about?

Spymusic was a name my partner Solo came up with that would best describe our sound. We’re always low key. Unassuming. In the cut just like a spy, but when the spy comes out to make that kill or get that info, it’s all over before you knew what the hell happened.

3. What is Elevation Music?

Elevations is a radio show that me and my boy Ernesto Vigo do. straight up broken beat bonanza.

4. Any future projects to look out for?

I’m almost done with the Spymusic LP. It’s taking so long cause I had a heart attack and a new baby girl. Plus I’m in the middle of making my solo lp Analog Fog. So y’all need to check for those.

5. Describe your name.

Probe dms. Probing crates. Looking around on ebay for weird things. I’m always probing around. Dms means do my shit. Not anyone else’s style. My own shit!! Nah meen nam sayin!!

6. What kind of music do you spin and whats your intake on digital
music now as far as DJing with Serato ?

I only play R&B, hip hop, classics ,rare groove and broken beat. I actually love Serato and Tork and all the others that work well. I like the fact that you can still be in the digital world and still use records to control the files. Its the best thing since the 1200 itself.

7. Which artists are you feeling that's out now?

Uh, none really. Kevin Michael seems interesting. Always into the Bugz productions and heads like that. I’m more into producers than artists.

8. Any shows coming up?

We have a party called COLORS coming up in July sometime. check the for more info.

9. What is your definition of Bruk Beat?

Bruk beat is just a groovy puzzle that got dropped on the ground and put back together in a different order. It’s a fusion of styles that is not to be fucked with.

10. How do you know Joey Too Fresh

I met Joey spinnin in a strip bar. He was playing a Smurf record. I was like what the fuck. I gotta meet homeboy. Ha ha!!

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kia said...

cool interview. gonna go check out some tunes now. thanks joey.