Friday, June 29, 2007

Seed Popular Interview

Interview 2 Seed and I do go way way back in DC from Freestyle Union to The Amphibians and recording Zero Degrees..Seed Popular is one of the illest emcees I know, A very good performer and once again if you dont better ask somebody!!!
enjoy and check him out!!!

1. Whats been new with Seed Popular?

Maintainin'. Same life, different hustle. Being an artist (especially in NYC) it's all about standing out from the rest and being innovative. I've been feeding my brain different kinds of music and ideas that will be apparent in my upcoming projects.

2. What is your intake on the Hip-Hop culture now?

I feel right now, Hip-Hop culture as a whole is going back to a grass roots phase. It definitely had a good run in the mainstream and will continue to do well but, with sales on a decline, people naturally revert to what's comfortable. It's good because it eliminates those who are only in it for the fame and goes back to when it was about art.

3. Any projects you're working on at the moment?

Well, I'm still involved in the HYB Project with my crew --and that will be available soon. I'm trying to align that release with my own low-key solo project 'Forgotten Moments' - kind of a compilation of songs that have been buried and also new stuff with the same nostalgic feel. Nostalgia is my state of mind right now.

4. What artists are u feeing at present time?

As far as Hip Hop-- definitely still a fan of Nas. Always a fan of Slum Village. On the newer tip, I dig Consequence, Lupe Fiasco, and Black Milk. Music in general- I like Imogen Heap, Esthero, Studio Apartment and I'm feelin' that new Chrisette Michelle too - there's so much good music out there, it's all about keeping an open mind to discover it.

5. Redefined your style in 2007 what are people expected to hear?

Just growth mostly. When you listen to different things, have new life experiences and grow as a person, it will naturally translate in the music.

6. What is HYB

HYB is a mind set. I like it to mean Handle Your Business. But for real, that's the name of my crew - the group formally known as Hybernation: Seedpopular, Swahili13, Cyrus, ROME, and Rub Kaiso. And can't forget super DJ Stylus who always holds us down.

7. Do you still make beats? What do you use (equipment) to put your
production together?

I still make beats on the low and I stay vintage with the equipment. I use old Ensoniq products: EPS 16 or ASR 10 mostly. I've heard a lot of producers who have said "stick to what you're comfortable with", with that in mind, I don't feel too outdated.

8. Any future collabs?

Nothing planned as yet but, there could always be surprises. I'm open to collabs too. Get at me:

9. Has life in New York changed your vision of Hip-Hop explain the
difference between here and DC hip-hop.

It didn't completely change my vision because I knew what New York was about before moving here. The main difference between the Hip-Hop scenes in NY and DC is there was a lot of love in DC and everybody got a chance to shine. Still now, when I go back, it's nothing but love and it really does feel like home. NY is little more grimier, rougher, lot more competitive but it definitely made me get on my grind more. People from all over the nation and the world move to NY so, it's very diverse but also very congested.

10. How do you know joe villa?

Who? Nah, we go way back to the early 90's when we were showin' and provin' at HR57 in the Freestyle Union (Shout out to Toni Blackman). But for real, real recognize real and Joe Villa was a real dude from the start and he knows EVERYBODY!

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